Monday, August 13, 2007

Tower Improvements

Dave came out on Sunday, and we added stairs to the observation platform. Much better than the ladder!
We also roughed in the railing around the top of the platform - it needs some more supports before we call it done, but it already feels safer. Big black thunder clouds moved over us all day, but it never actually rained more than a few drops on us - too bad, because now I have to water the lawn.

The bridge got a railing too, and the brush clipped back away from it.

We also started working on our signs for the trail, but that will be a multi-day project because waiting for paint to dry is boring.

Also - I mowed the lawn again! Now that's excitement. It just keeps looking better all the time.

Cary's Aunt Chris & Uncle Reimar came down in the afternoon and helped with the tower railing and spreading wood chips on the path, and then they camped overnight in our field and watched the meteor shower. This was the first time anyone's camped out here since the house was built, so it was an inauguation of sorts, or perhaps it would be better to consider it a trial run on the wedding accomodations. They declared it quite comfy. :)


Ericson said...

looks like that last steps a doozie.

addie said...

There's a little ladder-like rung that's in just the right place, so even a shortie like me can get up. It was either that or take out the tree...

It's a little awkward the first time but once you've done it it's super easy.