Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pergola & Kiwis

We finished the Pergola today! It is simply beautiful, a wonderful structure to have in our yard, and it is going to make such a lovely setting for our wedding ceremony. A BIG thanks goes to Dave for all his help - we couldn't have done this without his help, his tools, and his construction know-how. :)

We started today by cutting all the notches in the remaining rafters. Once that was done, it was relatively quick and easy to get them all up in place on the framework. Here Cary and Dave raise the last board:
We sunk a screw in each end to hold them in place, and then toe-nailed each board at least once to all four of the support beams. They're not going anywhere.
With the structure finished, we moved right on to planting the hardy kiwi plants. We bought them at Raintree Nursery a few months ago, they've been climbing up and over the other plants in our own little nursery collection area since then. It took a bit of doing to untangle them from their surroundings without hurting them, but now that they are in their final homes they can climb as much as they want. And the quicker the better! :)
All done now but the watering... whew! It sure feels good to have this project finished... on to the next!


Keeley said...

Lovely! Let me know if you need help with anything leading up to the big day!

addie said...

You bet! I think the next thing we are going to tackle is spreading wood chips on the path that will lead through the trees from the parking pasture to the house. That should be a hot, dusty - er, I mean FUN job. :)

Keeley said...

I need the practice spreading wood chips- I think it's part of my job description now. And wood chip spreading skills look good on a resume.