Monday, August 12, 2013

Sticker Chart

 Guess who has earned himself a trip to the toy store!

This was our first time using a sticker chart to reward good behavior.  We decided together on five different things that Conan could improve at, and we put them on the chart.  He earns a star for completing them. I drew pictures of each activity so he knows which spot to put the stickers he earns.  The plan is that we'll make a new chart and carry over the things that he didn't get as many stars in plus add a few new ones to replace those items that he's mastered and are now "too easy".

The 5 items from this time were:

  • Getting dressed in the morning (all by himself)
  • Eating dinner without complaining
  • Getting ready for bed without dawdling (putting on pjs, brushing teeth, going potty)
  • Helping pick up toys and games
  • Putting on shoes & getting ready to go when asked (by himself, with no stalling)

 On the next chart, I think we'll be replacing Getting Dressed and Putting On Shoes - he's really gotten good at both of those.  Possible additions are Washing Hands When Asked (no arguing about how long it's been since the last time he did it) and Following Instructions The First Time They're Given.

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