Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Conan is a very precise guy.  He spends a lot of time correcting me on various things, both important and completely unimportant.  If, for instance, I say "Time to get in the car" I'm very likely to get told  "Its a van, not a car!"

"Did you have a snack?" "No, it was an apple!"
"Where did you leave your shoes?"  "They are boots, not shoes!"
"Did you eat your toast?" "It was a bagel, not toast!"
"Put on your coat." "Its not a coat, its a raincoat!"
"You're wearing your shirt backwards." "No, I'm wearing three shirts backwards!"
"Do you want your blanket?" "Its not a blanket, its a quilt!"
"Did you color that picture?" "No, I drawed it!"
"All the kids will be there." "No, not all the kids in the whole world! Just the ones we know!"

Sometimes it gets to be too much.  The other night I had really had it, so I said "OK, look, I need for you to stop always correcting me. Please."

His response?

"I don't ALWAYS correct you. I only SOMETIMES correct you!"

... whimper ...

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Trudel said...

I forwarded this to my brother & his wife. They'll definitely be able to relate!! (with both their kids!)