Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tiberius & Livia

We just adopted two new kitties. They are an "adult" mom (10 mo.) and her son (3 mo.), both grey tabbies. This is the little boy, who Cary named Tiberius. He's got green eyes and is friendly, active and playful. He's also cute as can be.
His mother is less rambunctious, and has beautiful orange eyes. We were all calling her "Tiberius' Mommy" so I went to the internet to find out what the real Emperor Tiberius' mother's name was. Livia is a pretty name and seems to suit her.
We have them confined to the office for now, so they can get used to the house, and us, gradually. Sanford is spending a lot of time sniffing around the door, and Livia is sniffing back. Both are very curious about who is on the other side of the door, but there hasn't been any hissing or yoweling, so that is encouraging.
Tiberius is extremely playful and curious; while I've been typing this post he's knocked some things off the windowsill, tried to climb the china cabinet, and fiercely play-attacked his mother. He and Conan both enjoy couch fishing as well.

It feels good to have more cats in the house again. It's going to be an adventure to have young cats again, and I especially look forward to watching Conan bond and play with them. Stay tuned for lots more pictures, that's for sure!

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