Sunday, August 19, 2012

Remlinger Farms

On Friday Conan and I met Tombi, Moira and Kiah as well as Grandma Debbie and Poppy and Chloe at a place called Remlinger Farms, near Carnation, WA. We had a blast.

 There are Pony Rides:
Antique vehicles for playing in:

An animal barn where you could buy handfuls of feed to give the animals (I bet they have to empty the quarters out of those machines 3 times a day):

Lots of cute cut-outs for taking pictures:

A real miniature steam train that goes on a 10 or 15 minute loop around the farm, past animal enclosures (we saw an emu!) and through a tunnel before returning to the station:

A hay barn with a hay-bale maze and a large area of loose hay for jumping in with a climbing wall along one side:

Chloe is hands-down the best 3-year-old climber you'll ever see.  She's got monkey toes.

The canoe ride was very popular, the kids called it the "duck catching ride" and made a game of trying to capture the duck decoys that floated along in the flume.

The carousel was also very popular:

Look! No hands!

There were many other fun rides as well, including a mini Ferris wheel, a kid-powered spinning ride, cars that drove (automatically) along a track, spinning barrels, and more. The roller coaster was down for repairs, but apparently is usually quite a popular ride. We had a great time, and it was well worth the drive - we'll do it again next year, for sure!

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