Monday, August 29, 2011

Sequim Bay Super Ultra Campout 2011

We had an amazing time camping at Sequim Bay for four days with the Ericsons, the Taylors, the Guzstiltzmans, Mark & Elna, and Keely, Silas and Semra. More pictures (from other cameras, as well as ours) can be seen at Gabe's site.

 Highlights included:

  • beautiful weather
  • a beautiful, secluded group campsite, well away from the crowded 'regular' campground
  • our own "private" beach and dock (hardly anyone came over from the main campground)
  • phosphorescence in the water every night!
  • clear, moonless nights with ALL the stars
  • watching kingfishers and herons fish, and gulls catch and drop clams on the rocks
  • little crabs under all the rocks, and snails on top of them
  • giant bubbles!
  • a day trip to Dungeoness Spit
  • a whole gaggle of kids running wild through the campsite
  • kids taking pictures of each other (and their feet, the dirt, the sky, etc...)
  • good food (Woo! Sausagefest!) 
  • plenty of beer
  • great friends
This was the second annual group campout, and it's success means there will DEFINITELY be a third one next summer.

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