Friday, April 22, 2011

Conan Reads

Lest my February post about screen time give you the idea that Conan doesn't adore books, he would like to read you a bedtime story:

This particular book is a new addition to our library, so he doesn't yet have the story memorized. Most of the books we've had for a while he can recite verbatim, page by page, and will even point to some of the words as he says them. He loves to look at the pictures, point out and name all the animals and even many of the characters. He knows the titles and will ask for them by name at bedtime - and woe to the parent who can't find "Stuck Duck" or "Wheels on the Bus" when it is requested! We read 4-6 books at bedtime every night, and sometimes even more (Papa tends to be a real softie about "just one more book.") We regularly get books from the library as well as second-hand shops, because having new books to read REALLY helps keep our nightly reading from getting monotonous. Seeing a love of books and reading developing in Conan really, really makes me feel good.

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