Sunday, March 06, 2011

Kriss' Baby Shower

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my friend Kriss here at our house. We had a ton of fun with a great group of people and lots of delicious food. And of course, cake:

Aimee and I went a little overboard making this cake, but it was worth it. We made the fondant flowers and decorations last weekend, as well as giving the cake recipe itself a test run. Bo put his modelling skills to use crafting a duckling, frogs, and bugs for us. Then we stayed up until 12:30 Friday night baking and assembling the layers with the cream cheese frosting and strawberries. Saturday morning we draped the whole thing with the fondant and put on the decorations. Our fondant wasn't perfect, but we were able to cover most of the worst spots with the decor and the whole thing turned out cute as could be. The kids were very excited about it, especially Paloma, who got to help Aimee slice and serve it. Also, it was delicious!

Besides cake and brunch, we played some of the familiar baby shower games: "guess who is in the baby picture" and "don't say the forbidden words." We also had a door prize and a Uteriñata (Uterus shaped piñata) which I made. I've never actually made and filled a piñata before, but it was a lot of fun, and it was a fun and unusual activity for a baby shower.

We also had plain white onsies to decorate, and had planned for a baby bottle race, but ultimately didn't have time for it. Conan would probably have won anyhow, here he is showing off his expertise:

Conan had a great day, lots of playing with friends of all ages. Also lots and lots of sugar - including an unknown number of actual sugar cubes he pilfered from the tea & coffee station.

At about 4:00 in the afternoon the sugar wore off and he promptly fell asleep on the couch, with half a dozen ladies still bustling around giving Kriss a foot spa. He was one tuckered out little guy, and so was I, but it was worth every effort to throw Kriss a great shower. Now we just have to be patient until we get to meet the baby!

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